Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Cuban Missile crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Cuban Missile crisis - Essay Example In an attempt for the Soviet Union to gain control of Cuba, they took some missiles to Cuba. This formed the basis of bargaining power. Their intention was not for the missiles to be in Cuban Island permanently. This was to create fear in the United States who thought that the Island had been taken over by the communist (Gabrielle 34). The missiles were to boost the Russian military that was overwhelmed by that of the capitalist.The use of missiles was greatly condemned at the time. This was one of the strategies for enhancing the world peace. The missiles that were taken to Cuba were a trap for the United States. The communist believed that if the capitalist would have discovered the missiles it would lead them to attack Cuba (Gabrielle 14). This would have facilitated retaliatory attacks from the Russians.Thus; the United States was justified to attack Cuba in the missile crisis so as a means of taking measures for enhancing world peace.Retaining Cuba as a trading partner was also very useful for the United States of America. They never wanted any countries to be an obstacle for them especially in having an influence over their trade partners (Gabrielle 54). Their attempts to control the Cuban Island as also being considered from the perspective of trade partners. In summary, the united states were reluctant to have attacks on the Island and get rid of the missiles because the Soviet soldiers were the ones who were in control of the missiles. This would have led to Great War in the region.

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